Standing still I stare
little feet, soft and bare

I search the dreams that lay
in begging eyes that wish to play

 Toys are out of access
He has many wishes to confess

 Whom could he blame
There’s none to blow out the flame

No one to offer the love he needs
The things for which he pleads

I am not the only spectator
There are many more dictators

Alas! We silently see this and pass on
Carelessly let it be bygone …..

Wealth worshipers

The people who lack morality, sincerity, humility and all other positive traits, they just value wealth as it’s the only thing they need in life. They never really think about death though they pose to do so. Unfortunately, I come across such people daily. They don’t possess any positive thing. I wonder what they will do with so much wealth, when people around them are sick of their snobbish attitude. I admit that wealth is as necessary as health to lead a peaceful life but it must not erase your morality. Now-a-days wealth is the biggest blow to morality.
I love George Orwell’s saying
“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
As money gives POWER to people who possess it, they miss no chance to show the world that they have power over others. They tease others in all possible ways. I observe this daily. The only thing I owe to these wealth worshipers is that they have taught me never to love my money. Perhaps that’s why I love to spend my money on my dear ones not because I want something in return. But because I don’t want people around to dislike me. I don’t want them to label me as “WEALTH WORSHIPER  as I have labeled many. Believe me; they don’t see sound character or virtuous personality. They base their judgment on wealth only. I know there’s no single place on this earth devoid of such people; still like an idealist I search that place. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be rich, you should. In fact strive hard to be rich not only in worldly sense but in spiritual as well. Do remember that death is somewhere near waiting to pounce on you and your dear ones. I always tell others that my only fear is death. Being mortal is enough to make me humble and remind me of GOD to whom I have to return. I wish it could also make them so.

Everlasting world



Perplexed souls
search a way
to come out
of a dark day,

When the light approaches
to take them along
They desire
to stay long

But death knows no retreat
Every soul has to fleet
To that everlasting world
Where none can cheat

Far from the mortal fume
Pleasant forms they assume
Petty passions die away
Divine flowers bloom

Where there no heart bleeds
No one fights over creeds
Helplessly sobbing ,
where none pleads.

Little piece of writing



O little piece of writing!
Called reflection of my heart
Do thou really expose?
The buried passions
that doze
somewhere deep
in my soul

Do thou really show?
The streams that flow
in my consciousness,
the thoughts
that pop
in my heart

If nay , what does thou manifest?
A pretentious persona
that seems blest,
Or a fatigued figure
striving hard
to rest?

Uncertain life


There is no doubt that Life is uncertain and unpredictable. Some people have very predictable habits. We are quite aware of their moves. But there is no surety about life’s next move.
When Life is uncertain, why can’t we help planning about future?  Mostly things don’t go the way we plan them. But still we plan a lot. So far as my life is concerned I have achieved many things I never planned. On the other hand, lost many which I never wanted to lose.
I think all of us have the same life pattern. Our fundamental desires are the same. All of us want to be happy, loved, cherished etc. Our instincts are the same.
There was a time when I used to get hell worried about my future. Then one day I thought that I had been wasting my time worrying and planning about an unknown, unseen and uncertain thing. The very next moment the thought of death knocked on my mind. Death is the most certain thing in this life. At that moment my heart trembled. I thought that this worldly life has certain anticipations. We have history which is replete of millions of people belonging to different religions, nations, races etc. We know their end and ours will be not much different or exceptional. Since then I am no more afraid of or worried about my future in this world. I am just worried about the world hereafter. That’s also uncertain. I pray to Allah to pour on me the divine light and save me over there. This unpredictable life is nothing in front of that real uncertain life. Here I know that I’m one of the common mortals, bound to die. Like many others I know that I have to struggle to make this life better and I wonderfully try to do that.
Uncertainty of this life has faded from my sight. I’m not afraid of it anymore. This uncertain life can’t offer the challenge graver than Death……. And Death will bring along the real challenge … Miseries of this life seem nothing when I think about the dead ones. Once they were like us. They did great deeds but ultimately left this world, so will we.
This uncertain life seems certain to me when I hope to get the best of it. I pray to Allah and He rewards me every time. I can’t complain Him about anything; problems in my life are self-created.  I just pray for strength to bear this uncertain life. Praying a lot helps staying strong, successful and positive.. 🙂 …. And I have faith if we spend this uncertain life in the most positive way; making our dear ones happy, keeping conscience alive,  the next  uncertain world will be wonderful. … :-)… I wish a wonderful , peaceful and healthy life to the readers. Stay blessed and spread happiness around, it will illumine your heart and soul… 🙂

Effects of optimism on our life

Many things in life seem difficult and impossible but actually they are not. There are several things in my life that once seemed really impossible. But they happened on their proper time. Someone told me today that optimism makes you look younger and fresh always. I met the girl who is 39 of age but seemed hardly of 20. On being asked, she shared her little secret that she takes life positively as a result Life responds in the same way. I am still pondering over her words. She was absolutely right. When we see everything optimistically Life welcomes us with her open arms. It’s not hard to achieve something; legal things are always possible that’s why they are legal.
God Almighty has set some limits for all of us. He has put us at the right place where we grow, groom and learn at every step. Some human beings try to go beyond those set limits, they fail, and consequently they become the victims of depression.
Whenever I desire for something in life I pray to God to give me strength to accept the results. Acceptance reduces the pain and life seems beautiful again. Compromises are necessary in life. So why can’t we compromise happily.
Until we breathe, life goes on. Lamentation and wailing can’t erase the sorrow. They even don’t reduce the pain. They just make things worse. We prolong the grief by giving it so much significance. We know all the facts; mortality, ailments, betrayals, etc. we can’t escape from these things but all we can do is to adopt a positive attitude towards life. That will make life worth-living. I always wonder that how could people harm each other. Are being mortals not enough for them? Why do they make this transient life miserable? If my conscience is strong, why isn’t theirs? But again there are numeral questions which are not meant to be answered.  I simply follow the formula of positivity. Since the day I’ve adopted this attitude, my life has been undergoing grand good changes. Still sometimes I really feel bad and think to give up but the very next moment I tell myself “I AM ALIVE. I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. HOW COULD I BE SO UNGRATEFUL TO MY GOD FOR KEEPING ME ALIVE?” I start counting my blessings and realize that they are countless. I get the reasons to smile, to be thankful to God Almighty. I wrote this little article just to share simple common thoughts. Everyone feels and appreciates these things but few demonstrate. Optimism brings along modesty and humility. I consider it a sign of success in this life and in the life hereafter.
In the end, I just want to say that firm Faith in positivity makes you to look at the bright side of life. I believe that our thoughts and prayers are the weavers of our life. So, we should think positive. Positivity creates bright chances and changes, which do come to save us in the roughest patches of our life.  🙂